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When we think of Teddy Bridgewater, half of Vikings fans feel sorry for him due to his injuries and concussions, and the male fans want him gone. Today, the Minnesota Vikings told Teddy Bridgewater to get bent regarding the option on his contract for 2018, which would have guaranteed him $12 million for what has become a welfare case.

Drafted in the 1st round by the Minnesota Vikings with the 32nd pick, somehow Teddy Bridgewater actually made the NFL Pro Bowl selection in 2015, but we aren’t quite sure how. His performance has been abysmal at best, with his most recent passer rating being 87.0. To put that number into perspective, Peyton Manning’s passer rating was 96.5, Tom Brady has a 97.2 passer rating, and Teddy isn’t even listed on the passer rating chart on Wikipedia, well because he sucks.

The good news, is Minnesota should finally be in a position to realize they are terrible at drafting quarterbacks. The other good news is that Josh Rosen from UCLA and Sam Darnold from USC should be in the 2018 draft, giving the Vikings the opportunity to work through another shitty and disappointing season. We truly believe they should just sit the 2017 season out at this point, and spend an entire year just practicing to be better.

How do Minnesotans feel about having such a shitty team in a brand new stadium in 2017?

Well, they are pretty pissed. By pretty pissed, we mean they are the Minnesota nice version of pissed the fuck off. Every Minnesotan has been buying pull tabs at every turn to pay for that stadium, and they are just tired of it at this point. A Gofundme campaign has been started to raise money for a new quarterback, and Minnesotans are flocking to their local drinking hole to help support the pull tab program for the stadium.

The good news Teddy, is that Minnesota has a great EBT program, which will be available to you after you lose your job. Good Luck!