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No.12 pick QB Deshaun Watson surprised his mother Deann Watson, with a Jaguar after the NFL draft for her birthday. The two-time Heisman finalist threw for 4,593 yards with 41 scores and 17 picks last year and led the Tigers to the national championship. When Deshaun was asked about making such a luxurious purchase for a family member, he stated he wasn’t worried about the money, as he had merely dipped into his secret stash of cash he had received from alumni boosters and autograph signings, during his college career.

Deshaun Watson has been known to be very admirable during his playing career so far, often being seen mingling with fans. At just 21 years of age, his playing style has been compared to his former teammate Tajh Boyd, who is currently playing on the Montreal Alouettes practice squad, after spending time with 5 other teams in the past 3 years, 4 of 6 being on their respective practice squads. When Deshaun Watson was asked how he felt about being picked 12th overall, with a similar playing style to Tajh Boyd, having been picked 213th overall in 2014, Deshaun looked into the camera and said, “Tajh, I got you bruh”.

Brock Osweiler was asked how he felt about being replaced by Deshaun Watson at the starting quarterback position for Houston, at which point he opened his mouth to alleviate the build up of drool, having been hit a few times too many in the head. Have no fear though, as Osweiler has been cleared by NFL doctors for any concussions, and will be put to the test at his new home in Cleveland. The Cleveland Browns have been known recently as the “Quarterback Killers”, where good and bad quarterbacks are sent to be punished by every defense in the league. When we left Brock, he had laid down on the ground, flailing his arms and legs, because his friend wouldn’t buy him an ice cream cone.

When Deshaun Watson’s mother Deann was asked about her new birthday gift, she replied, “I thought he was buying me a car. That fucking thing has scratched the shit out of me at least 5 times. He should have known better”.

Deshaun Watson buys his mother a jaguar